Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fairy Sprite

Oh, looky! Pretty, isn't it? My summer secret knitting project is revealed! You can see it on

I had a few specific pattern tips--and Blogger is not letting me cut and paste. Dang it.

This can be a simpler to knit top-it's rated as expert, but really shouldn't be-it's knitted as a lace sampler, and everything is knitted in bands separated by stockinette.

1-On the sleeves, the pattern calls for 4 bands of stockinette, then starts a lace pattern AND the underarm decreases on the same row. Bad planning. It would be simplet to just do an additional 4 rows of stockinette and do the major decreases there.
2-Knit it double stranded. Judging from the yardage required for size M, I think they left that out of the instructions. I knit this in two balls of Elann Super Kydd on US 2s.
3-Knit the front and back concurrently, and work the sleeves concurrently.
4-The pattern tells you to cast off with an oversized needle. The knitter should cast ON with the same oversized needle.
5-The stitch counts worked on the bodice, but didn't mean a thing when you are working the main lace pattern in the sleeve.
6-Add a selvedge stitch to the sides.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! It makes me want to knit one for myself, but I wouldn't look nearly as good as Margaux.

Anonymous said...

it's positively lovely. and i groove on your gory details!

Enid said...

That is very pretty.

smariek said...

It's gorgeous! Sigh, and like Trish said, it wouldn't fit me the same way it does on Margaux.