Thursday, November 29, 2007

Come back, we want to look at 'em again.

It's probably nothing.

I got the letter from the University Health System yesterday. 'Member my boobie-squishing last week? I was laughing with T on the phone...SOMEONE still wants pictures of my rack. Apparently the girls are really photogenic. The nerve wracking part about this? They read the films on-site, while you wait. In an ideal world, every test would be done that way, but this isn't an ideal world. This is a hurry up and wait, you are driving me farkin' BANANAS world. Which is why "While you wait" makes me nervous.

My appointment was for next week. I had to change it because Mark goes out of town. So I get to carry more shit in my pockets for longer. Blech.


Enid said...

Keep me posted.
It will all be okay. it was probably a dirty old lense or something.

Lisa W. said...

chins up...lots of folks have to get a doubletake. but god it sucks to have to wait! hug!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Yikes! Does that mean another torture session or do they look another way? In any case, let us know as soon as you find out something.

benne said...

Rats! I hate it when I have to go back for a second look. It's usually nothing but it's always a pain. Hang in there, better they take a second look and it's nothing, than take one look and miss something.

sk said...

Benne is right, let them look for second time and find nothing. Bets, everything will be fine. Best wishes.

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

It does happen, more frequently than you know. Retakes are awful, especially the wait for them.