Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buff naked!

I went to Kid 'n Ewe with Chris today. It's a small fiber fest in Boerne (pronounced Burnee) that features a lot of natural and local fibers. I met Ron Miskin from Buffalo Gold yarns. I really LIKED the buffalo laceweight, but it's BROWN. BROWN BROWN flat brown. He had a few dyed samples, and I asked him if they were acid dyed. He said YES!

As soon as I got home, I put my plan into action. Four packs of Black Cherry, one of Naranja-Tamarindo, one of Strawberry, and one of Kiwi-Watermelon (which promised a neon drink) Koolaid.
I dampened the yarn, mixed up my Koolaid with tablespoons of water, and spooned it onto the yarn, nilly-willy. I nuked for 10 minutes, and it worked. There is virtually no difference between the Black Cherry and Strawberry on the dark brown, but the Orange Tamarind made a beautiful bittersweet shade. I like this a lot better now-it's autumnal, and colorful in a subdued way. Now it must marinate, til I come up with a plan.

BTW-note to enquiring minds-they shed in the spring, so fleece picking can't happen until February or so.


sk said...

Bets: that yarn is beautiful! Nice earth tone color.

benne said...

Hey kid, I;m glad you got some buffalo yarn. Isn't it one of the softest yarns ever? You know how I am about dyeing bison yarn, but if it makes you like the yarn, then it's all good. After all, it is YOUR yarn. ;-}

Joan said...

Doesn't the kool aid wash right out? (I am in my pre-dyeing investigation mode.)

junior_goddess said...

No, Joan, the microwave heat set it in.


smariek said...

Ah, so you've turned into a dye-ing fool!