Thursday, October 01, 2009

Still going along

Yeah, ok, just indulge me. Even tho I knew my periods were worse than the average bear's, I was hoping I could tough it out.

I went to the VA yesterday to have all this documented in my records. Tuesday, I was kind of mad because I had watched all my chances drain out ... miscarriages, fibroids, goofy thyroid, and I blamed the VA and military healthcare.

I've rethought that a little. I had better healthcare than many American women-an exam every single year for 30 years. Interesting that we as a culture can have so many, many meds for erectile dysfunction, but for women, fibroids and thyroid issues are kind of up in the air. Both my cousins had trouble, so there really is no finger-pointing. And 100 years ago, I would have been dead. I would have bled out already, and they had no way to stop it.

My uterus extends all the way up to my bellybutton. Damn! DAMN! The twelve year old inside of me wants to giggle and tell my husband "my UTERUS is bigger than your head!" but I am afraid he will start crying and run away. So I don't.

The knitting front is a little jacked up. I had to rip Clara-I knit an entire ball, and found I made a ton of mistakes. Blah. Frogpond!


Suzann said...

I agree that woman's health care issues seem to get the back burner. I had 25 yrs of military health care.And once you got to see a doctor the care was excellent. My only uterus issues came from a civilian doctor. He was suppose to remove one of those ring birth control things. Twenty years later I had an ultrasound and found out it was still there. No wonder Dawn is an only child.
I had a hysterectomy. Truthfully it was great. No more of the fun o month.
I am sorry you are having this problem. I wish I could say something more meaningful. I hate when my distant friends get ill.
Don't scare DH. Female plumbing is scary enough for them :-}

Anonymous said...

once those pups get the size of a cathead or bigger, they usually need to come out...if yer havin the bleedin...if not with the bleedin and those fireballs of the eucharist aren't botherin you...why remove pieces....anyway..i'm hopin you're plannin a me, i think you will feel better...

Grace said...

you may vent about your sumo uterus with us anytime, do you think an enlarged uterus could cause an umbilical hernia, I have a friend who wondered and I told her I had no clue!!!

Anonymous said...

That last Hurrah! from a stubborn system that does not want to shut off is no fun - I've been there at length, although not as dramatically as you. Hope it gets all fixed soon!! Prayers for a speedy resolution going your way.


Daryl said...

I'm with Lisa. Do it and be done, and you are doing a great job with your grief. I know it is hard to believe,but every so often with the rollerccoaster hormones of our age these things will put on a burst of growth, all the more reason to get it out.