Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to my Sumo Uterus

Do I have your attention?

We're gonna talk about girlbits and menopause today. They give you a big lecture about girlbits when you start your period, but you are on your own when you stop. 100 years ago, I would have been dead already, so we are talking.

My period started the day we put Sug down (Aug 30). It's still going. For about a week, it got BAD, and I am used to real periods, real run to the bathroom every hour periods. So when I say it was bad, it was insane.

I went to the VA, and they called me back because they wanted to give me a transfusion. Then they sent me a coupon for a hysterectomy from the civilian provider of my choice. The meds they gave me were ok-but notice I still have my period?

I went to see him this morning. He said "I expected your uterus to be the size of a grapefruit, but yours seems to be the size of a watermelon" because of my fibroids.

I looked at the tech and mouthed "CRAP!" and said "Oh, please, don't you mean cantaloupe?"

So a hysterectomy seems to be the biggest balloon on the horizon. I can't help but wonder if I didn't have military and VA healthcare, would my miscarriages have been prevented? I had an exam last year, not a peep from my provider. Makes you wonder, but not too hard, because fretting over that is futile.

I feel cheated.

In other news, here's mitten one. Good pattern, the thumb is a little long. I told DH we need to go somewhere cold.


Cindy G said...

How rotten! I'm sorry to hear that news.

Chrisknits said...

I hope whatever the solution is, it brings you relief. Stay healthy.

Grace said...

I wish you could have one for me, I am so sick of this crap and I will be the big 55 tomorrow but still have an active uterus. One here for sale if anyone needs a semi/used one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the news. But do hope that whatever you do, you find relief and better health ahead. My DD at 43 had to have a h...tomy and she seems to be okay. SHe also had a scare with kidney cancer, found very early and removed! May god bless you in the weeks and months ahead. Hugs from this ol' lady with arthritis and cancer years ago.

Michelle said...

My goodness, woman! I can't believe they waited this long to send you to a civilian doctor. Effing bastards.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the pleasures of being a woman. My mother was in her 50s, and still having periods. Wonderful. They only seem to get longer, and worse. I feel for ya.

Les said...

No fun, eh? Sorry to hear about your condition. Watermelon? Sounds like you have a green thumb! (sorry, bad joke) Hope you're on the "speedy" list to have that thing tended to.
You want cold? come up here - our weather has changed from tank tops to turtlenecks.

Daryl said...

Poor baby. Mittens definitely seem in order.