Sunday, September 06, 2009

Reasons to rip

It's been a tough week. It sucks being without a dog, and tho I have no regret over the decision we made, I miss her every day. I've had some very specific health challenges that frankly, I need help with. I fully intend to act on them.

I've been playing with my bag of Rainbow Adara this week. I had an idea for a project, and set on it like a house on fire. I'm 25% done.

I have been really steady on my project. I came up with a good concept, noodled a few ideas, swatched a little, had two or three false starts. Then I got busy.

A day ago, I questioned my color placement. Was it really the best possible arrangement? (I'll confess, I was pulling them out in the order they were bagged.)

An hour ago, I was questioning the stitch placement of a row of garter stitch.

I just questioned the viability of another row of patterning.

These flaws are not show stoppers, but they are exactly the flaws that make my project less than fab. I'm not having it. Time to frog.

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