Wednesday, October 07, 2009

There walks a real genius, I'll tell ya....

Our phones died on Saturday. Couldn't figure it out....we had DSL, but no landline. I called the fabulous hamsterwheel voice response ATT repair line yesterday.

"You are calling to report a phone service outage." (presses 1)
"Are you calling from that line?" (sighs)

It does no good to get snotty with this recording. Swearing doesn't help either. Ask me how I know this. Yesterday, Mr. ATT comes over, so I let him in the back yard. Ok. I looked out, and he's standing on the utility box, peering into the neighbor's yard. He is talking to my next door neighbor. I holler, just so she knows he REALLY IS the ATT man (and she did not seem really concerned about him NOT being the phone guy) and she yells back that her phone is out too... huh?

When DH came home, he went out and made friends with Mr. ATT. As it turns out, the neighbors behind our house and three doors down have been putting in a FABULOUS POOL. Mind you, this guy had his house built by some oddball builder. Rumor has it, it has some problems. Apparently, he hired the same great folks to put in his fabulous pool....and they yanked the neighborhood's phone cables out when they were digging. (When my niece heard about this, she felt she needed to point out that you can call the utility companies, and they will tell you where your lines are. People that drive by the manpower office every morning to pick up laborers to save money aren't gonna do that. Nice try tho.) So we got our phone service back today.

I walked in the house this afternoon, and DH was on the phone. I could tell he was in a miserable hamsterwheel call loop because his tone was agitated and he was starting to swear. Did you know that if your cheapskate genius neighbor yanks out the neighborhood comm cables, when your service is restored you get to reinstall everything on your DSL box? Nice.

On the personal front, I interviewed for a part-time job today. On the plus side, I think I have a good chance. On the minus side, waiting for my doctor's office to tell me when my surgery is scheduled is ruining all my chances. I had to tell the truth that I was scheduling surgery. Couldn't help it. She asked me to let her know by Tuesday what the plans were. I'll be pestering the doctor.

In knitting news, I hated everything I started last week, and I have one mitten done and not much else. I started a little top down cardigan for the little Mr. Man (DGS). I did it in Schachenmeyer Gemini, which is selfstriping acrylic and wool I snagged last year at Herrschners. I did a little engineering to make sure the sleeves were similar, now I can live with them. I sent DD a picture of it drying, and asked if I needed to make a hat. She said yes, with a light blue pompon on top.

My child does not know about selfstriping yarn.

How is that possible? Anyhow, the cardi is done and drying, and I cast on le toque. I will photograph as soon as I have buttons on and a hat garnished with whatever comes off the skein.

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Cindy G said...

That contractor genius is lucky his crew didn't rip into underground electrical wires.

The cardi looks cute.