Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Knitting Stuff-

I've been making more felt-and dang it if I didn't accidentally knit some acrylic into that mix! In the long photo, there's a dark stripe 4up from the bottom edge. If you look in the second photo, it's 4th from the top, and no thinner. @#$@!

I think I have knit up enough felt for my crafty requirements. Except for the disasterous bit, it was mostly Cascade 220 that I had leftover from doing book swatches for someone this year. I'd guess about 600 yards, and that's what I am claiming. Wish me luck, I hope my intended projects work out!!!


Grace said...

can;t wait!!

kellygirl said...

This looks interesting. How long does it take to do this bond strip? I'm thinking of boxing up all of my random HW and mailing it to East Cupcake. My idea of using it to make ugly afghans is not looking as likely as it once did...although, I can crochet. Can't wait to see your finished project. Maybe there is a bond in my future--of course, I'd prefer the 007 variety.