Saturday, October 24, 2009



It is a God given fact that if you load the dishwasher on Wednesday, and go in for surgery, no one will hit 'start' til you come home. Dishes will be in the sink too.

People talk about "good drugs" after surgery. Psssh. I'm supposed to take mine every 4-6 hours for pain. What that really means is, take the motrin first, then the good stuff. Sleep for 6 hours. Staples 'catch fire'. Repeat.

If the doc wants you on bedrest, he'll leave the catheter in. Jerk.

Husbands will confuse your "I don't feel well" face with a "You are an idiot" face. Can't help that. Pick the one you like, and go with that one, mmm kay?

My girlybits were a mess, apparently, I had fibroids on fibroids, so he started out doing a laproscopic surgery, looked around, and just got his butt kicked. Go me.

I lost exactly zero ounces, and my tummy is so puffy, it looks the same as when I went in.

I had to have a transfusion.

And I can't drive for 3 weeks.



Chrisknits said...

Thanks for the update. Now keep your butt in that bed and rest! That's why they call it bed rest. Let the dishes pile up, maybe someone will get a clue that they don't magically clean themselves. Or not. But it isn't for you worry about. You have more important things to do. Like knit!!!

Les said...

Sorry to hear that things were more dramatic than anticipated.
Eat, sleep, relax, repeat! You're on the mend!

kellygirl said...

Ugh. Oh, Bets, that sounds miserable. Staples on fire. Catheter. Yuck times 100. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yerself.

Cindy G said...

Hope that you're starting to feel a bit better. In any case, take it easy and don't push yourself too hard.

Anonymous said...

Quite an ordeal!! So - please take it easy for as long as it takes - at least three weeks...:)?