Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Are those buttons, or are you happy to be here?

It's fashion week in San Antonio. I tuned in because I was curious. You've seen clips from my local morning show before. Our local fashion 'expert' gave the rundown on the basics that should be in every woman's closet...
a basic white t-shirt
a white button-down blouse
a black button-down blouse
a vest
an A-line skirt (the skirt she showed had so much ruching people will be confused-it was not a good example-because it was strictly a junk-in-the-trunk skirt)
a deep v sweater
a black turtleneck (really? I'll disagree on that; makes heavy or busty people look CHUNKIER)
a black jacket
basic black pants
little black dress
a leather military style jacket-she meant a bomber jacket
black and brown belts (if everything is black and white, do we NEED BROWN?)
scarves-there was a lot of yak yak about how to wear a scarf-you know, fold it in half and do a keyhole loop ..... nothing to see here, move along, move along...
basic black bag-get a basic Michael Kors bag and a basic black Chanel bag (eyeroll-you know how much WIC we have in our town?)

This was by no means the WORST "must have list" I have ever seen; it fit the presenter's demographic VERY well (25-34) but if you don't look good in white, can you have off-white? If you look bad in a turtleneck, can you get a jewel neck? The "Chanel purse" makes me a little crazy-I mean fer reals.

I have to wonder-is it just me, or do they really not see what they 'present' when they look in the mirror? Or maybe it's just the crew....

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Chrisknits said...

Agree. Just like the people knitting that all popular sweater pattern, even though it does NOTHING to flatter their figures. I wear what I like, what is comfortable and what makes me look good. Not what someone else tells me is the in thing to wear.