Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nah, I still have to tell you about silliness at my house-

You just can't comment. Hopefully, you will laugh.

I'll probably go work for the post office. They've got a freeze on career employees (aka people who get benefits) and they are just hiring part-timers. Either I like it or I don't, but I will find out!

I can't wait for a surgery date. I should know Tuesday. Yes, it's still going, despite all the drugs.

I went to the outlet mall yesterday, and spend an absurd amount of money. I think it was because I was grounded last month, and expect to be grounded again soon, post-surgery. At any rate, I have most of the Christmas shopping done. For myself, I bought a pair of stretchy knit jeans and some makey-uppy stuff-and some yoga type pants to wear for 3 weeks. DH got 3 pairs of shoes, a jacket, and two polos, plus undie Claus showed up. Stuff to send to Japan. Stuff to send to Colorado. Stuff to take to north TX. We are having a low key Christmas this year, due to a few events beyond our scope, but for a good reason.

I bought DH shoes yesterday, that's right. I went to the Ecco outlet-he'd picked up a pair in town about 3 weeks ago, and has been raving about them ever since. I waltzed into the shop yesterday, and started taking pictures, so he could tell me which ones he liked. The clerks joked around with me about taking pictures and sending them to him. DH called me back, and we talked about what he needed, and which he liked best. "I can't believe I paid mumble-mumble for those shoes" he said. Honey, bow to the master. Two of the pairs were 65% off! So he is very glamourously shod.

Today, I tried to recreate a family culinary classic. I tried to make mushroom barley risotto with frico (little melted cheese crisps that are frizzled and brown). We've gone back to Sugar Busters, and he's lost 5 pounds in a week, and I've lost 3; I was looking for something that didn't have pasta, rice or potatoes. It tasted ok, but looked like mushroom barley barf. Unexpectedly, DH hated the frico!

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