Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pompons are a crapshoot....

A few months ago, I found a pompon 'loom' on sale at Wallyworld. I picked it up, thinking I might need one sometime. Lo and behold, when I was working on smallboy's hat, I thought it needed one. I dug out the loom, and made the perfect pom. A little sparse, but respectable.

Unfortunately, my second pom didn't come out at ALL. I had a HUGE pile of 2" strands, not a pom.

Ah well.

I attached the previous pom to the top of the hat, and today, I popped this in the mail for DGS. It's Schachenmayr Nomotta Gemini, 3 skeins, 279 yards. I got it last year when Herrschner's blew it out.

Kid clothing is so much fun! I used the Ann Norling top down cardi, and tweaked it a little for a shawl collar.

I think he will look soo handsome!


Grace said...

looks fabulous and you are almost at your goal!!! Way to go Bets

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a cute, colorful baby cardo for DGS. Your grands are lucky to have a DGM like you! Thanks for your regular blog; I read it often.
Jamie, back home again!

Anonymous said...

That looks adorable!

Pompons done in halves - in looms?! That's new to me. From your description, though, maybe my method of wrapping the yarn around a piece of cardboard cut to size is a keeper...


junior_goddess said...

Marta, it's basically the same set up. Somehow, I am still a pompon goober, tho.