Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where we play with tams, lace and swirling Autumn leaves

I had to break out of Entrelac Jail this weekend. IWK has a great lace tam in the Christmas knitting issue. I cast on for it, looked at the chart and said "Shit, that's boring." I think part of the reason I love tams so much is the impromptu design opportunity, so I rummaged thru my Barbara Walkers instead.

In book two, there is a lace leaf border. I used it as a central motif for my hat. I dug out the tam formulas from an old IWK, and decided on a swirl top. I dorked it slightly, but managed to pull it out successfully. I was supposed to K2tog every row, right before each marker. Unthinking, I worked it like a wheel (every OTHER row) for about 10 rows, then had my DUH! moment. Oooops. It inadvertently added more depth. My hat is REALLY big. 'S ok, my DD has a big ol' head, it will be perfect for her.

I also paired eyelets with the decreases. Every fourth row, I worked a YO K2tog right after the marker, so it added a little laciness to the top.

Knit in Elann SuperKydd, double stranded, carried with a strand of CTH Suri Alpaca laceweight. I think I have enough to make a second hat.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!


Joan said...

That looks really great, Bets! You are never as happy as when you are doing math. ;-p

Wish I could find that IWK holiday issue. It's nowhere around here. Guess I'll have to mail order.

smariek said...

The top looks pretty with the swirls and YOs. I really love swirls on the top of hats, probably because most store bought hats don't have them. But I'm starting to get the impression that most of the rest of the world don't care for swirls. I just finished a hat for DD without swirls, and wish I had swirled instead. Guess I'll just have to make her another.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I wish I wore hats, I Love that one, its adorable!!

Evelyn said...

I love it too Bets. I admire your ability to just improvise on a pattern. I could never do that unless it's a purse where size and gauge etc. do not matter.

Daryl said...

You are going to get us hooked on tams. This is even prettier and I love the combination of yarns. Interest and subtle color changes without being in your face or camo blobs.

Anonymous said...

I'm hot for that hat. It's a great yarn combo. Bri