Monday, October 22, 2007

Match Game

My sleeves match. Fairly well, actually. I'm sure that would make my sewing teacher proud. I, for one, was relieved that the colors came up right and made matching 'not a pain in the ass'.

The one thing I have noticed about my pattern that bothers me is that my entrelac squares start out at 20 stitches, and get progressively smaller in subequent tiers. But the pattern doesn't tell you HOW to do this without leaving a hole, or having a short side and a reallly long edge. How am I handling it?

I pick up as many stitches as I can fit in the area. On the return, I evenly space my decreases. For example, I might pick up 20, but finish the return row with 18.

To make sure my blocks aren't long skinny ribbons, I work the block as directed until I have two stitches left on the left-hand needle. Then, I slip1, K2tog, Psso. That makes the row count shorter.

I am not sure if they are technically correct, but these seemed like the right methods for this garment. Stay tuned for the results!

Both sleeves-DONE! I have twopointfive complete tiers done, and I am getting ready to start my second hank of Kauni. Do I have enough?????


Joan said...

My gawd, I sure hope you have enough!

Are you then decreasing on the purl side, which is on the way back as you said?

junior_goddess said...

Yes. I just didn't see a "how to make it smaller" ANYWHERE.

I hope I have enough too. But I am subtracting a whole tier, and skipping the belt, and not making it as turtle-y at the neck. Maybe I'll have enough.

Grace Yaskovic said...

How many skeins did you buy and how many parts do you have left. i will never be able to sleep until I know!!!

junior_goddess said...


530 grams, Grace-100 grams=400m, so somewhere in the neighborhood of 2200 meters. I have a little sleeve work done, and I am halfway up the coat bottom. It's iffy.

Gryffinitter said...

We don't need no sitnkin'TV - we got all the tension we need right here!

You did a superb job of matching the sleeves, Bets. I am willing to bet you finish it with about a yard left.

I have some grey yarn which is all one color but may be the same weight and very similar in nature. If you do run just abit short and a pale grey would do, let me know...