Friday, October 19, 2007

I think I've found my true calling-

Everyone has a destiny. Lately, incidents and events occured that are, perhaps, indications that I have a promising career as a Secret Shopper. I'm really qualified at both components. The Secret part-I've become an oba-san (a little frumpy Japanese woman that doesn't look like she's going to buy squat), and the Shopper part-trust me, if there's a good buy, it had better be in my cart. I am the perfect secret shopper because I look so average. And I am not swayed by a stupid pitch.

You remember my diatribe about an extra project bag? I got brave and ordered something else from the same company on Oct 9th. On the 10th, they wrote,

Good Afternoon Ms Junior Goddess:

I'm sorry to inform you that we are all sold out of Country Meadow Cedar. Would you like us to fill your order without that item?


I ordered SIX balls of that yarn. Which, according to the website, were all there. Yeah, ok, two oops in a month, from the same company.

Many of you survived Monday's Great Rowan Calmer Famine at Elann. This past week, all four sale colors sold out in three minutes. Three. I tried SO hard to get some, and had to give up, empty handed.

YESTERDAY, someone popped up and said, "Hey, the good place to buy yarn in MA has it on sale." So I skedaddled over and put 12 balls in my cart, hurried and paid. Six of those were for me, and six were for AmyQOY, who was trampled in the Elann Calmer Famine. Fifty-eight remained in stock.

This morning, I got a message from the good place to buy yarn in MA:

Thank you for your order! I am writing to notify you that the 12 skeins of Rowan Yarns Calmer in color 487 that you ordered is currently out of stock. We are anticipating getting some of the yarn back in stock, but we do not know the quantity as of yet. We should know for certain in about a week as to whether we will be receiving more of the Calmer in stock. We will contact you again depending on whether we are able to fill your order or not.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We greatly apologize for the inconvenience!

I need to be a secret shopper. I spend a lot of money on yarn. This year, Discontinued Name Brand Yarn has about a 35% order fulfillment oops rate. Herrschners has about a 10% rate, and Webs, the same.

The small independent shop I ordered my SeaSilk from has a 100% error rate. I called in my order. Benne called hers in a few hours later. Benne got her yarn a week later. I figured out that there was an error when she called me to tell me about her yarn. Technically, Benne got MY yarn, but it's not her fault that the store sold the same hank to both of us. It took me three months to get all components of my order.

In 2007, the only company with a 0 error rate is Elann. I have heard of very few errors since I started shopping there.

Is it my calling to become a Secret Shopper? Or am I simply taking one for the team?

Still in entrelac jail.


benne said...

Hey, Secret Shopper,

I just got my email from the same source about the Calmer. Guess what? I can get 1 ball of two of the colors I ordered. Great. Cancelled that.

It's true you have been on a real roll lately with screwy orders. BTW, I love my Seasilk (cackling wildly.)I think you must be the designated "take one for the team" shopper. It's become ridiculous lately.

Evelyn said...

Do ya think that someone saw your stash and is doing you a favour?

junior_goddess said...

I considered it. ;-)

Joan said...

Aw jeez, is she STILL bitching about entrelac?! LOL.

My Fleece Artist/SeaSilk source is a gal on ebay in Maine. She always has the latest colorways and is one of their designated retail sources. Her name is Kathleen and I have a link on my sidebar to her Ebay store. Her error rate is 0 too. ;-}

Isn't it funny how all the great stampedes involve Rowan?

PS..thanks for the message from T. I figured she was avoiding me so she wouldn't have to lie. LOL.

CatBookMom said...

I put some Calmer in my basket at "great place in MA" and when I went back to look at the color #, there were only 4 skeins left, according to their 'automatic' inventory adjustment. Figuring I'd get the same message as you did, I closed the web page, $$ saved.

Glad you're out there leading the parade, oh JG! Now I know never to buy from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn.

Daryl said...

Ah, I was afraid of the WEbs problem having ordered from them during their spring sale only to find some of the colors were out before they got a chance to process my order. I figured they were in better shape with the new system, but not to be disappointed again, I called. I got an email that mine shipped. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Let me know if you still want some, we need our secret shopper to take the hits.