Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween humbug-and easy costumes-

I read an article today about this year's Halloween costumes and their skank factor. Seems some parents were a little upset by the racy factor. The article mentioned Party City, so I wandered over to their website to take a look. Holy crap. Most of the girls' and women's costumes were crap. We can be sexy vampire, sexy RAGGEDY ANN (travesty!), sexy mermaid, sexy little Red Riding Hood, sexy cave woman. The list goes on and on. Very few are clever. Or cute. Or modest without looking slightly retarded.

I thought about why Halloween has become a spandex and boobs holiday for women. I think it must be because spandex and boobs don't actually need to fit well. And they can be sewn up cheaply. But I am irritated with the skank factor.

So, in the spirit of actually DRESSING UP (as opposed to undressing), here are easy costumes-

1) Fifties girl-plain capris, flat shoes, bobby sox, ponytail, big white shirt and scarf
2) Thing 1 or Thing 2- Red T-shirt and turquoise hair spray. Tease hair. Spray with color, don red shirt.
3) Tea bag-two white garbage bags-fill lightly with grass clippings, leaves or straw. Staple together at shoulders. Add string and tag.
4) Bride of Frankenstein. Tease hair. Put in white racing stripes. Powder face, do makeup as desired. Put on white robe. (Old Princess Lea costume recyling!)

Be something besides a bimbo for Halloween!


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Suzann said...

My daughter is giving out the candy tonight and she will be dressed as a pirate. Not a pirate with cleavage. She thinks that is cheap looking. She said she didn't think the little kids showing up for Trick of Treat would be impressed with exposed boobs. Of course their Daddy's might.
I think it is time for Moms to vote with their pocketbooks. Don't buy the skank crap. I give up if woman are ok with their child daughters looking like hookers, cause that is the only thing in the stores. Don't get me started on parents who don't know how to say NO
Cranky in Virginia :-}

Anonymous said...

You always have such good ideas. DD#2 is going to be a chef, had to make the jacket TWICE. She once again endeared herself to me by claiming that it was ok that the first incarnation didn't fit, it was just a costume. DD #1 is back to going out, reusing Marie Antoinette from 6th grade. No skank here.

smariek said...

It'll be interesting to see what kind of costumes show up at the door tonight. Love your Tea Bag idea. I could do that. I've got TONS of leaves outside my house that I could use for that. It's a losing battle, sweep 'em all up into the green bin one afternoon, and a whole new set replaces them by the next afternoon, it's as if I never swept them up at all.

Anonymous said...

Skank isn't just an issue at Halloween. Check out the girl clothes at any store - and be amazed at the crap they sell for young girls to wear.
Just say NO is the way to go.

Christine said...

ScullyKnits is so right. My 5th grade girl students often come to school wearing really skanky clothing. There's something infinitely sad about a 10 year old girl wearing a T-shirt with "Sexy B*tch" emblazoned, in sequins!, on the front. Oh, and of course it's skin tight, and with a very low scoop neck (on a pre-adolescent young girl) What on earth are their parents thinking?