Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blocking Magic

Hosted a quilting party last night. Didn't get home til two, but everyone had a damned good time. I managed to finish my Devon swatch, and today, I took my entrelac sleeve to Wallyworld so I could wait out an oil change. That was a sight-lugging a ball of Kauni and a cone of Selkirk 2/9 all over the darned store.

Despite some vague instructions on edge triangles, I finished the sleeve and cast on for the coat body. I'll have to stop and do another sleeve when I get 'round to the mauve again. Don't know why these patterns have NO finishing on the edges. When I cast on for my coat, I did three rows of rib (the needle was 3 sizes larger, but I think the hem will need the give) just so I won't have a weirdo unfinished edge.

I couldn't stand the suspense, so I dipped one corner of my sleeve into some water, just to see how it would look. (upper right) It flattened nicely, I am right on gauge, and it doesn't look so much like accoustical foam.


Enid said...

I see how it is... all the fun begins when Enid leaves town. sheesh.

Cool new website. like the contrast in the black and the red maltese cross. very nice. Knitting saturdays???? whoah???!?!


ROFL. I think that's great. I hope you get lots of traffic from that. It would be so cool. What better place than right smack dab in the center of Pleasanton's Art District.

SooZ said...

The color and design looks so rich and pretty together. I've been watching for your progress!

I still love Elann. ;)

Off to take photos of my yarny goods! The sun is shining, finally. Its a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving day.

kellygirl said...

Love the entrelac. That is going to be one stunning coat when you're done!


Lisa W. said...

that looks great bets...i love the subtle color changes..and yeah...if you know a good honeystick source lemme's pretty haphazard trying to find them here..some places have them some times and not others...

smariek said...

Love the entrelac effect and envy people who can do it. My attention span is too short to finish anything with short rows (which is why it took me several months to do a simple garterlac dishcloth).