Friday, October 12, 2007

Entrelac-Tober Coat update

Here it is! I should be finishing this tier today. It should bring me right up into where I need to be for the sleeve; I'll be finishing up on the moss, and starting the mauve.

I had a staredown with the directions this week. Vogue's site is down, so I wrote Shirley Paden, the designer, for clarification.

Dear Shirley,

I have a question about the Entrelac Coat pattern in the Fall 06 Vogue Knitting. I have checked Vogue's website (they are down, kind of sorta) and I did not see corrections for this particular garment. On the instructions for the back, it states that I am to decrease 1 stitch on each block in band 3 (18, 19, 20) stitches. On the next band, I have the impression that I have to increase 1 stitch in each block, because the stitch counts read 19, 20, 21 stitches.

Am I correct in assuming that the bands decrease in size until there are (15,16,17) stitches in each block? And don't undulate back up in size? (I'm on the first band, so I need to know this fairly soon!)

Thank you!

Shirley wrote me back! She said

Hi Betsy,

Your assumption is correct. When you look at the schematic you will see that the shape is a trapeze. Therefore, the coat is wide at the bottom, then gradually tapers to a more narrow width at the shoulders. To do this the number stitches in the rectangles are decreased by 1 stitch in each of the rectangles based on the number picked up as you build out the rectangles on every 3rd rectangle row. For example, for size Small there are 19 sts in each of the 4 Back rectangles = 76 sts for the first and second Rectangle Rows, then 15 stitches in the 4 rectangles in the 9th and 10th rows at the shoulders = 60 sts. For size Medium there are 20 sts in each of the 4 rectangles = 80 sts at the Bottom Back and 16 sts in each rectangles at the shoulders = 64 sts. For size Large there are 21 sts in each of the 4 rectangles at the Bottom Back = 84 sts and 17 sts in each of the 4 rectangles at the shoulders = 68 sts.

If you divide the number of total stitches by the stitch gauge of 3.07 sts = 1" you will get the correct width in inches for each section. For example 76 divided by 3.07 = 24 3/4" at the Bottom Back for size Small, 80 divided by 3.07= 26" at the Bottom Back for size Medium and 84 divided by 3.07 = 271/2" at the Bottom Back for size Large. The decreases are worked as follow: Size Small: Rectangle Rows 1 & 2 have 19 sts in each of the 4 rectangles, Rectangle Rows 3 & 4 have 18 sts in each rectangle, Rectangle Rows 5 & 6 have 17 sts in each rectangle, Rectangle Rows 7 & 8 have 16 sts in each rectangle, Finally, Rectangle Rows 9 & 10 have 15 sts in each of the 4 rectangles. Size Medium: begins with 20 then after decreasing on every 3rd Rectangle Row 4x there are 16 sts in each of the 4 rectangles on Rows 9 & 10. Size Large begins with 21sts in each if the 4 rectangles, then decreases 4 times to 17 sts in each of the 4 rectangles on rows 9 & 10. Using this decrease method we can begin with a Bottom Back Width of 24 3/4" for size Small, 26" for size Medium and 27 1/2" for size Large and end at the shoulders with 19 1/2 " for size Small, 21" for size Medium and 22 1/2" for size Large.

I hope this will help you. I also hope that you have an established relationship with a local yarn shop. They can usually help you through knitting problems. If you have not already done so, I recommend that you read and work through the sample project in the article that I wrote to accompany the project in that VK issue. Working the project while reading the article will give you a solid understanding of the Entrelac concept. If you have already read the article I think the brief explanation above of the technique as it is used in the coat construction will enable you to easily knit the coat.

I hope you will send a photo of the finished garment.


Wow! She was very thorough.

Just for my reference-I did 3 rows of rib in a needle 3 sizes too big. Base triangles were done with 20 stitches, first row of rectangles have 20, and the return has 19. I did this specifically because I want it shorter-so on this next tier-the third, I will be re-joining the pattern at the "fifth" tier, which should take about 10" off the bottom.

I am ever so slightly worried about running out of yarn. I bought 530 grams of Kauni to team with a never-ending cone of Gardiner's of Sekirk. The pattern called for 2688 yards, and I have 2300+, but I am making mine shorter. I have no earthly idea at this point if I have enough, but Astrid has only the 1000 yard hank left right now. It's time for me to knit and see.


Joan said...

OMIGOD! I have a headache just reading all the math, never mind doing it. ;-p

Enid said...

wow, can't wait to see it done.

Ghislaine said...

See, I just knew there was a reason why I never entrelac-ed ... one has to know math!

I'm just glad it makes sense to you and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Suzann said...

I am with Joan, the math is brain numbing. I can't wait to see how it goes. So far I am really loving the color.