Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More comedy from the Betsy Show-

I had serious doubts about the pattern for my coat, and there aren't any corrections on VK's website. (That's been down for weeks. ) I wrote Shirley Paden about it, and guess what? She answered. More about that later this week.

I have the base row done, as well as MOST of the first row of rectangles. I am very glad that the blocks get smaller as the garment goes on. VERY VERY glad. This thing is going to go on forever-I have almost 300 yards in, and I haven't even made it to the 2nd tier. Hope I bought enough yarn.

My Discontinued Name Brand Yarn order came in. Can't believe I asked for an additional project bag. It wasn't all that. The yarn is beautiful, tho. So gorgeous, in fact, that I tried to place another order today. HA HA HA. No really, I saw some other stuff, and said "Hey, So and So would like that!" Buying Christmas prezzies for my yarn buds is getting harder and harder-it's a challenge to buy something they don't have. We all shop at the same place!

I saw all this Wool in the Woods (who is going out of business, BTW) and thought-"hey, this will be nice" Well, I placed my order early this morning. Around two, I got a message that said "Ms. Mamo, we are sold out of blah blah." (Sorry, Benne, that blah-blah was the perfect yarn for you, and they don't have any left.) I wrote them back and said "Dammit, let's go for coffee." Can't believe it. Not another snafu.

Got great stuff in at the store--it's my Christmas stuff, and I am out of room! I really like it, and the price points are just dandy. I can't wait to start putting in on the shelf. I am a month early.

Lastly, I heard a great joke yesterday-

What's the difference between an introverted engineer and an extroverted one? The extroverted one will look at your shoes. HA HA!


smariek said...

Loved the engineering joke.

Hope you have coffee before dealing with any of these orders. You're just asking for it, aren't ya?

Last week, I was imagining you in Hong Kong and how you'd do so well in that shopping arena...

junior_goddess said...

I told them I forgot to ask for a project bag, and could they add one on, please?

THAT's funny!

Joan said...

I was in Walgreen's yesterday and they were putting out the candy canes. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm the introverted engineer, I never look a shoes :)Next thing you know you'll be posting blonde jokes and I'll have to boycott your site.
Lowes is full of Christimas Trees. I had to write the manager. Not that it does any good.