Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Looky, looky!

Air Force Basic Training Photos! You gotta love it! DH and I searched for our photos-I have to scan mine in, because they don't have it.

Can you find someone YOU know?


Joan said...

Bets, HW would be perfect for the Alpine boots. I think they would be awesome in colors like purple etc. I was too late to grab a bag of Autumn Purple HW yesterday. I was working from stash and want to use up the furry leftovers I have. But this is the first pair of felted slippers that I want for me too. The cuff can be rolled down too. Check my notes at Ravelry. Tip: before felting, use a wire brush to fluff out the fur. There will be less matting after felting. (ask me how I know: why is one cuff not like the other...LOL)

I highly recommend black soles that you can coat with black PlastiDip. Also,the sole/foot is narrow but there are instructions for making a wider one. My sister has thin feet so all is well.

Jean spends half the day in the bathroom, too much for guys to handle. ;-p I just wish they'd come up and put in my wooden storm doors and window. (ha)

Enid said...

Nope. Can't find mine either.

Lisa W. said...

i didn't find me...but i found 2 tech schoolmates and my TI....arrrrghhhh...talk about making me feel old and bringin' back some not so wunnerful memories...wow!