Saturday, October 06, 2007

Needle little love?

I am the only person in the county that knits. Or so you would think. Which is a little lonely, but it also means that I get stash/needle/pattern enhancing stuff any time anyone dies/goes to see Aunt Irene/stumbles across stuff at a garage sale. A lot of times the stuff is yuck. Once in a while, it's nice. Regardless whether these needles are rusty, solo, or still in their vintage plastic case, boasting a neon TG&Y sticker, I look at them all.

They are dear.


smariek said...

What's TG&Y? You must have vases full of needles...

Your square is looking very nice. I think I should have done something in simple knit/purl.

junior_goddess said...


TG&Y was a variety store chain-like Woolco (but smaller), Gibsons, Ben Franklin.

I am snagging a big red vase today.

smariek said...

Must be a regional thing, I haven't heard of any of those stores. Woolco, makes me think of a big Woolworth which we had at the corner of Market St & Powell St (where the cable car turnaround is), went there when I was a kid. Now that space is occupied by The Gap.