Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Tam 4 Afghans

I don't know why I love to knit tams. I just do. I don't even like to WEAR hats. I think I love them like other people like socks. Once you know how to do them, you can go on auto-knit.
Here's one for A4A. Nothing special, but I can see it on a little boy or girl with dark hair and flashing eyes. Of course, if it goes to a little boy it should just be pulled around his ears, or snatched off by an older brother. Hopefully, someone will be a little warmer this winter. The simple fact that this hat could go to a child of either gender made me pull back on design whimsy. I've read The Kite Runner. No one needs to get beat up. I avoided anything that smacked of florals! I wish I had jimmied the numbers a little to get an odd number of segments. I like those better.
It's been stressful around here lately. We've had espresso machine troubles for two days running, the car repairs are on my last nerve, and I had to call the credit union and complain today. I must be middle aged.
Sunday, I pulled up to the ATM and double checked my balance before heading out to Shopaholic Land (aka the outlet mall.) My savings account was low. Several thousand dollars low. Talk about killing my shopping buzz! I racked my brain-ID theft? Did I SPEND it? I was SCARED. As it turns out, I deposited a large check a few weeks ago. As customary, they held 2/3rds of it until it cleared. As it turns out, they were still holding it, but for no particular reason, other than the automatic clearing date did not trigger the transfer. Whew.


Suzann said...

It looks bright and cheerful and not gender specific. Last year I knitted up a bunch of what I think of as burka socks. Bright colors on the leg and dark on the heel to the toe. I was worried about some girl (already a target by being a girl) going about with bright socks peeking out from under her dress. Maybe I just worry to much.

I am glad the bank thing was just the bank trying to hold onto your money as long as they could. Not something more sinister.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I love the hat!!

A couple of months ago I was heading back to the doctor for my 2nd or 3rd appt and stopped at the bank first to make a deposit, the slip was returned and it stated I had way too MUCH money in the account and that scared me, why hadn't the bills cleared, was all my mail lost, well talk about blood pressure rising. The next day I went to the bank, when the girl checked in she put in the wrong date on her terminal, the money was definitely long gone!!