Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Holy cannoli, poodles!

I don't know what I was thinking. Cherry Tree Hill sent me their Labor Day sale notice. The thing about their sales is that I never really get enough to do anything with. I have plenty of "I don't know what to do with this" in my stash already. A LOT of it is from their previous sales.

On the first day I resisted. On the second day, I resisted. Finally, they sent a notice that all 1 lb. bright-toned "orphan" yarn bags were 20.00. Oh, crap. Put a mark-down on a sale and I am a goner.

I've regretted that more than once. This year was no exception. Let me show you what was in one orphan bag-

Are you laughing yet? This was in bag two.

My eyes rolled. I started to laugh. Eight ounces of neon lime babyloop (1,000 miserable yards, thanks), four ounces (90 yards) of Fringe, and a like amount of Glitter Fringe. TIMES TWO-you'd think they'd at least have mercy on me, and alternate the lime mohair. (The person who thought that color mohair was a good idea should be slapped!) What do you do with a bag of orphans like THAT?

I picked up a bag, and felt a lump at the bottom. I dug throught everything to investigate. Oh my! Hanks of Suri Alpaca laceweight! Little apologies tucked into each assortment. What a relief. These retail for 20.00 each. Everything else was just really loud and expensive packing material.

I would be forever grateful if someone has a good idea for the 100 yard hanks of Fringe Ribbon. They are pretty. But I don't know what to do with them.


Joan said...

The baby loop is nice. How about overdying the neon green? The price was right to experiment. I could rive to that sale but never do.

Evelyn said...

Oh Bets....that fringe would make a wonderful bikini. You would love it.

junior_goddess said...

Ok, Evelyn-what size shall I make you? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Sell the fringe to your friend with the 5yr old. It is perfect Trim.
Overdye the green with a nice blue and make it an ocean lagoon. A bit of lime will make it pop.

Daryl said...

I love the bikini idea, but how about using it for wrapping presents, or baby bootie ties, or fringe on bookmarks, or gift cards..or all that non-knitting type use? The good thing about getting a double blast of the lime mohair is that if you overdye it to an accpetable tone/color, you will have enough to do something with it instead of having a gorgeous skein that is still too small. Daryl

junior_goddess said...

Gosh, I was hoping my friend with the 5 year old would pop in here. And she did!

I think I will overdye the lime and knit it double.

Suzann said...

LOL of God Bets what a double surprise that was.
I just discovered that the kids in Russia love the fun yarns. So you could knit up a kiddie vest or hat. And don't send it to me. I knit enough of that sort of stuff for my dd to never want to touch it again.
Putin, we are undermining your nation with fun fur hats das vidania, y'all