Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Memorial barrel race to honor the life of Stacey Johnston

Lisa's DD has been hard at work, helping organize this event.

I recently discovered that women's abuse services in my area were not as good as I imagined. Matter of fact, I was shocked by the lack of certain services. I think I will talk to someone on the hospital board about it.

You might ask why the heck I care about what's going on in the Mat-su Valley. Fact is, if my DD has any trouble (and if the crowd she runs with is any indication, that's inevitable) she'll go there. So it matters to me. Take a look at services in your area. Are they fit for you to use?

Just follow the link for the whole story-

Event a fundraiser for AWAIC and Palmer's Women's resource center

Tamie Vickers remembers her friend and long-time Chugiak resident, Stacey Johnston as a fun-loving, free-spirit with a passion for barrel racing and horses.

Vickers, along with other friends and family, are planning a memorial barrel racing fundraiser at the McCormick Farm in Palmer Sept. 15 to remember Johnston, 42, whose body was found beaten to death in the back of a car after a police chase July 28 in Chugiak.

“Proceeds from the event will be donated to AWAIC (Abused Women's aid in Crisis) and to the Palmer Women's Resource Center,” Vickers said. “This is the kind of event that Stacey would have loved. We want to celebrate her life and passion for family, friends and horses. Plus we hope to raise money to prevent other women being trapped in abusive relationships.”

To make the event special, Vickers said additional prizes will be provided.
“We're putting up a $1,000 added first prize purse to make the event special,” Vickers explained. “Stacey was an active part of the barrel racing community, and we believe it's important to honor her for her passion and commitment to the sport.

Reach the reporter at darrell.breese@alaskastar.com. This article published in The Alaska Star on Thursday, August 30, 2007.


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