Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gee, the world looks different this morning-

It is September 11th. This, in my mind, is the day of the bluest skies. Ever.

I see Blogger rearranged things last night. Wonder what else they "fixed"? I can't link to anything because the tags are gone. Or is it because I am in Safari? Bueller?

I was up til the wee hours ordering from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions.

I had to do some some serious shuffling, as you can imagine. (What, a multi-colored yarn that I don't OWN? Horrors!) If you are going to buy enough for one sweater, you might as well max out the weight and go for it, just from a postage standpoint, so I did. I bought some EF, EG, EJ, EM and EC. I had better clear my needles, because when it comes in, I will need the momentum to wind the yarn!

Added at noon-Daryl asked, so this is what I bought.
1 KauniEC-330 Kauni EC-330 1452 yards.
1 KauniEF-250 Kauni EF-250 1100 yards.
1 KauniEF-280 Kauni EF-280 1232 yards.
1 KauniEG-250 Kauni EG-250 1100 yards.
3 KauniEM-150 Kauni EM-150 660 yards.
1 KauniEN-240 Kauni EN-240 1056 yards.

That's it. I have no earthly reason to buy yarn this year. For any reason!


Daryl said...

That stuff is absolutely GORGEOUS! What are you going to make with it? If I didn't have 5 relatively new projects on the needles I would be binging big time too. I can't wait to see what you make. Daryl

Grace Yaskovic said...

I have been reliving 9/11 since I woke up this morning and yes the skies even here in NJ were the bluest I can ever remember seeing. It was such a total bonding day for me and my son, a newspaper photographer at the time, and I wonder if he remembers the same things I do.

I love the yarns you purchased, I have some rainbow colors waiting in the wings, but I order mine from Janettes Rare Yarns on Ebay. I will check out Astrid

Ghislaine said...

Ah! When I wrote my blog entry yesterday I nearly mentioned that I hadn't bought any yarn since I cleaned out and organized my yarn closet a few weeks ago. Good thing I didn't ... I would have had to recant because after reading your entry today I promtly went to visit Astrid and bought some Kauni.

Minnie~Knits said...

As to your Safari comment, you'll probably want to use Firefox. Just ask Lisa. I don't think Safari gets along with Blogger so well...

Marta said...

I don't know about Blogger, but Safari made me send some very strange e-mails, where everything but the first few letters of the message disappeared into thin air. It seems to be still a work-in-progress.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for that yarn...


NightOwlKnits said...

Please tell me you have a jumbo ball winder (or a jumbo amount of patience!) for all that Kauni... It is amazing yarn for how long the color runs are, and how subtle the color changes are. Enjoy!