Friday, September 07, 2007

Bucking the trend~

Shhh. Don't tell the knitting world. I, a perfectly competent knitter, just made a hat in a NOVELTY yarn. And it was fun.

Yesterday, I got in two balls of Elann's Marrakesh. I ordered them kind of for the hell of it. I finished up my DenMknit 'spearmint, and it's waiting a spin in the washer. So I cast on for a hat.

Novelty yarns were the knitting industry's one-night stand 24 months ago. Since then, they've done the walk of shame straight into the bargain bin. And I don't know why. Sure, you only need so many GS scarves, but let's face it, it's fun to race thru a hat every so often. I don't want to knit 1300 yards of cables or lace for EVERY project. This is strictly playing!

I used a US size 5 circ (yeah, I know the ball band says 6mm, but I was trying to calm the yarn's long lashes) and one ball of yarn. There's a row of dropped stitch in there somewhere, but the fabric is so dense, it's tough to see. I have one more ball, and I will probably throw more dropped stitch rows in there.

I am thinking about crocheting up some kitty ears and sending it off to DGD as a fun fall hat!


Lisa W. said...

I think YOU need to make a Coachella too......I'll show you mine when it's now that the denimknit top is done, when are you gonna start that skirt?
oh...just to prove i do have some level of social skills...the hat is adorable and i think your DGD will love it! super cute!

NightOwlKnits said...

*I* think DGD will love it - 'specially if you add ears!

The Fun Fur Era is most certainly done - I saw LB Fun Fur at the "dollar" store the other day. Two balls for $1.00!