Sunday, September 09, 2007

On the needles now.

I had a horrible restless day yesterday-starting, frogging, starting, frogging more. I just couldn't decide what I needed to knit. Finally, I decided on this, from Vogue Knitting Fall 01. I'll probably put a little waist shaping in it. My yarn is Elann's Bag Wool, and the color is the light's not really mottled, I just didn't hold it flat when I scanned it.
Holy crap. I'm knitting a solid colored garment. With wool yarn. For me. Weird, ain't it?


Daryl said...

I love the way that bag yarn shines. Wish I hadn't been noble and strong when that came around, but I've made up for that failure since. I also really like that pattern. Too bad you don't live somewhere where it gets cold and that sweater would have a lot of use..hint, hint. Daryl

junior_goddess said...

Ha. Daryl, you are a laff-riot. I'm calling the funny police in on you. ;-)

Joan said...

I have a bag of bag wool in off white, hmm...dyeable. Ravelry looks like a huge time suck and have none of that to spare.