Friday, September 21, 2007

I just want to keep this in mind-

I've seen a lot of unconstructed jackets this fall. Mostly, they are too deconstructed to translate into knitwear; a flat piece of fabric will always be a flat piece, and if done in too large of a gauge....Eww.

This is nice. Wide open top down that flares out on the sleeves and bodice. Floaty, not floppy. This may be a November project.


kellygirl said...

I like the shape of that jacket. Definitely has to end at the high hip to avoid the dumpy factor. That's the great thing about top down--you can try as you go.

I'm very excited about your entrelac coat. It's going to be fabulous.

You mentioned in one of your posts about the chin shape (round vs. pointed) and necklines. Where did I see that?


Anonymous said...

I love this cardigan/jacket. I would have to taper the sleeves, though. I can just see myself dipping them into my ketchup at the table.

Gaile said...

I keep thinking I've seen a pattern very similar to this. I like the style, could be flattering to several different body types.