Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free stuff from a good company-

I've long been a fan of Penzeys spices. They've got a great offer this month. When you place your order, you can get a jar of one of their new spices, free!

When you are placing your order online, just go to the express tab, and add in

29454C for Smoky 4/S seasoning salt
29359C for Spicey 4/S seasoning salt
16555c for Tuscan Sunset salt free seasoning.

Standard shipping rates apply, and it's good til 20 Oct. This offer works for online orders.

There you go!


Joan said...

Love Penzy's too. Long time customer. Gift their sets to my gourmet brothers.

Lisa W. said...

hey, you turned me on to penzy's last everything about em...kind of the elann of spices..sort of...customer service and all that rot.

and yeah, you did help a lot with the decision process..and i listened to my heart which told me to stay with the corporation
instead of my head which said go for the moolah.