Thursday, September 27, 2007

And did I rock the boat too much?

Last night, I placed an order at I had fun picking out Christmas Yarnzies for my yarn buds. A few minutes after I hit send, I got this in my inbox.

Your order number is 509

Product Name Quantity Price Item Total
witw-fnf4 Feelin' Fuzzy : Outrageous 3 $ 9.99 $ 29.97
witw-fnf1 Feelin' Fuzzy : Thief in the Night 6 $ 9.99 $ 59.94
witw-cyc9 Cyclone : Color Me Karen 2 $ 9.99 $ 19.98
witw-har4 Harmony : Gem Jubilee 2 $ 11.99 $ 23.98
witw-pb Project Bag : Project Bag 2 $ 10.00 $ 20.00
PLB-15 Bella Colour : Cotton Candy 15 $ 1.99 $ 29.85
PLB-13 Bella Colour : Tawny Fawn 1 $ 1.99 $ 1.99

Subtotal: $185.71
Shipping: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $185.71

Credit Card Information:

Card Type: MasterCard


Expiration Date: 05 / 0?

Shipping Method: $75.00 & UP

Shipping Address:

Name: The Junior Goddess

Address: 19 XXXXX

City State Zip: East Cupcake, TX


Billing Address:
Same as Shipping Address

This morning, I sent them a follow-up email that said, basically-

Just verifying that the project bags price will be subtracted!


To which they replied:

You receive 1 free project bag with an order. Do you want only one? If you want two, we will need to charge you for one of them.


To which I replied:
The way the copy reads, you get one per 50.00 worth of WiW yarns. It's written in a way that's up for interpretation, so you might wanna change that. I was gonna use this yarn for Christmas prezzies-that's why I was looking for the extra bags. If I have to buy the second, no, I will skip it.


To which they replied:
That's the copy for the goodie bags. The copy for the project bags reads:

Receive a free project totebag with yarn purchase!
Click here to add a project bag to your shopping cart!

We will remove the extra project bag from your order.


To which I replied:
"Don't forget your FREE Wool in the Woods' Project Bag with $50.00
purchase of Wool in the Woods yarn.
Also, Goodie Bags are back with $50.00 purchase of Trash & Treasure or
Clearance Yarns. "

Is what it reads at checkout. I think I am pretty average-I am
probably not the first person to wonder about it.


(Stick with me guys, I know this is longgggg!)

And they wrote back-

Thanks for pointing that out. I've changed that. But for either offer
we are sending only 1 bag per order.


And I said

Um, ok, I got that.

All this transpired at about 9 this morning.

Just now, I got an email which said
Just to let you know that we cannot process your order as it came
through incomplete. If you would still like your yarn, please go to and try again! Thank you from the
Yarn Girls!

You gotta be kidding me. Part of me wonders if I am being punished for feedback I gave the folks at Cherry Tree Hill (they're affiliated) on their Sugar Maple color, which I basically said was a pretty hard color for most people to wear. Cheryl Potter wrote me back, personally. She was not amused. That's part of me. The other part says "Well I just bought my lime disaster from Cherry Tree Hill." That came out fine-after I fixed it. But I didn't whine or complain to the company. That's the crapshoot you get with mystery bags.

Breaking news (Friday Morning): I just got an email that said

Sorry about the confusion. Yes, your order was been filled and shipped. Regards, Tina

Well, what the hell was all that about? I get such good service from other places (namely Ann and the folks at Elann) that this really makes me scratch my head.

I think they just have big technical issues!


Joan said...

I'd shop elsewhere.

smariek said...

Yeesh. Not worth the pain.

I'm feeling pretty good about being such an Elann slut, with 99% of my yarn purchases coming from there. Besides the online convenience, their service rocks.

benne said...

Seems to me, you should get 3 free project bags for a $185.00 order, at the least. That's way too much trouble for the yarn. Too many online sellers make it easy. Like elann, knitty-noddy, little knits, colorsong, kpixie, one fine yarn...I could go on with excellent online sellers who actually WANT your business and make it easy.

Lisa W. said...

that would just make my head spin around and around....i'd have to think long and hard and maybe would just cancel the whole dang order out of pique.

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

Wow. I take that as a warning. There are too many other great internet retailers out there for me to be bothered with that one.

Enid said...

If you truly believe that they behavior was petty for the review you gave them. Well then I'd just take my money elsewhere, there are plenty of other businesses willing to take your money. That's the beauty of the inkernet. :D

Gryffinitter said...

Now I am the beach who would have said "oh, well then, cancel that order. I will put it in as three separate orders so I can get three project bags."

And yes, it would have cost more in shipping, but somehow I still feel it would have served them right...