Monday, January 01, 2007

Not. Enough. Yarn.

Ah, it happens. Better that I frog it now, and start something else. I finished the 4" of cable ribbing, did about 2" of stockinette, and looked at what I had left. Not enough. I checked my purchase record, and found that no, I did not buy more. So I think this yarn will have to be the Fiery Bolero from IWK Summer 05.


Jean said...

Ack. At least you admitted it early on. I'd have let it sit there for months, still tried and then realized I was right to begin with.

Suzann said...

Oi, what a bummer. hehehe can I send you some yarn :-)
You are very good, cause like Jean, I would have tossed it in the closet and tried to forget its existence. Until I need the needles for something. Oh God, I just remembered where my good 10 1/2 needles are. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
The boobs are still good, but the brain is drooping :P

benne said...

Oh yeah, cut your losses now. Sorry I don't have any of that yarn for you. I can see myself knitting tighter and tighter trying to make the yarn last. Sometimes it's not good to be an eternal optimist. ;-}