Saturday, January 13, 2007

Right on time-when my knitting friends know what I need-

I have a long straight thing that needs a SEVERE blocking. I wet it down, and left it on the porch last night, so it would be damp. I woke up this morning to RAIN, which meant that the sodden mess I set out to dry last night was still a sodden mess. Yuck.
Later, Chris came toolin' into the shop today with------BLOCKING wires! Just in the nick of time!!! Actually, they aren't Blocking Wires, they're 36" brass rods from the welder's supply place. Six dollars per pound. Chris reminded me that Benne laid this idea out on the table a few months ago on the Elann board.
Actually, her husband came up with the idea. I think this guy is pretty knitter friendly-we need to put him in charge of knitterly acouterments. He was the one who realized that yarn yardage counters are just Shakespear fishing line gauges mounted on a stable base. He figured the blocking wires couln't be much different than these skinny metal rods. He polished a set up for Benne, and that's how we found out about them. (If I wasn't working in black yarn, I might polish these, but I think these will be ok as is.) By the way, they ARE perfectly straight-I must have moved one on the scanner.


benne said...

Hey, Bets, glad you got some blocking wires. I use them all the time and gleefully snort every time I see them for sale on the net. DH is one smart cookie and he has no choice but to be knitter friendly. Not since he has to kick baskets of yarn out of the way to get to the couch. I'll pass your kudos along to him. He could use a little boost these days. He always preens when my girlfriends compliment him. ;-}

junior_goddess said...

Oh God, he's gonna bump his head on the doorjamb again, isn't he? He'll need help with his balance when his head swells. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I WANTED the welding rods to block my Swallowtail, by DH balked when I asked him to go to the welding place to get them. Now, I don't mind going into the liquor store or Radio Shack alone, (I'm usually the only woman there, and they know me), but I refuse to go into the welding store. DH ended up getting me wooden dowels from Home Depot, and they worked great.

junior_goddess said...

Ha! You might be able to find them at Home Depot.