Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why spankings should not be outlawed-

"Eat your dinner. There are children starving in China."
"Can we mail it to them?"

"Eat your dinner. There are children starving in China."
"Dad, why do you care? They are Communists."

"UFFF. I'm so full. I really didn't need to eat that last piece, but I heard there were starving children in China, and I didn't want them to get it."


Libby said...

LMAO. That is too funny!

Sandra D said...

Have you noticed that children are more sassy these days? Me and my siblings would have gotten a whack wherever, if we even dared to look sassy! Contrast that with my younger 14-yr old DS who has started calling my DH by his first name whenever he does something that DS does not consider worthy of the respectful title "dad". Ugh, you do not want to be in my house with teen transformation butting with male mid-life crisis & female pre-menopause underway now!
Your second top-down is looking good, hooray for you for transforming your un-favorite stash yarn into something lovely & fashionable for DD. I think I came across your problem fiery Bolero pattern when I was going thru my IKs a couple days ago. Is that the Debbie Bliss pattern in Cathay with no shoulder seams? It does look tricky getting just the right amount of pull-in across such a large area with your pick-up stitches...I've only done it with necklines and even with that small amount of border I've had frogging & re-do sessions with different needles & pick-up ratios to get it "just right". Hang in there, I know yours will look perfect when you're done with it!

junior_goddess said...

Psssh-Sandra, those came out of my DH's mouth-the first two as a child, and the other was yesterday. He said he REALLY got in trouble for the mailing crack, but his Air Force dad just shook his head over answer two. I just about spit a mouthful of food when he came up with number three. I had a customer who told her grandmother that same thing 50 years ago, and she got smacked across the mouth. I got smacked whenever I annoyed my parents, who were not really fun-loving people, and I was a pretty exhuberant kid.

I can just picture the fireworks at your house. The proper answer would be "Be quiet, junior, or we'll embarrass you in front of your friends. We have our wayssssss....."

Christine said...

Bets, I had to laugh when I read these ~ I remember saying at least two of them when I was a kid. (My father didn't see the humor in them, then, either.)

Oh, and news flash ~ Blogger finally let me upload a pic! (after only a dozen tries or so!)