Thursday, January 25, 2007

Enough already, tammit!

Thought that this was pretty interesting. She showed up in my Victoria's Secret catalog today. I've had enough of the cropped cardi; I am frew wid dat. It's in permanent time out, and that's probably a good idea.

I googled tams ENDLESSLY today. I found a big tam article/recipe in a 2002 IWK, so I am kicking off my tam quest. I couldn't STAND it anymore, and cast one on in Elann's Baby Silk. I have plenty of odds and ends to play with, so let's see what I can come up with BEFORE the Tambible shows up. Yeeee-haw.
I'm fixin' to get tambunctious!


Suzann said...

Tambelina, tambelina tiny little thing.
I can't help it, whenever I see tams or berets I think of Monica. To misquote Bon Jovi, She gave Tams a bad name :-)

junior_goddess said...

I was stumped---I was thinking-from Friends? Oh, you mean LEWINSKY! Wonder what she's doing now??

Suzann said...

You know
Shot in the pants
And your to blame
You give Tams a bad name :-)

I doubt she is knitting tams, girl. Rolling cigars in Little Havana ? Sorry I hope I don't offend anyone.

junior_goddess said...

Only the Democrats would buy those cigars. heh.

Vamanta said...

Hey, I'll be tuning in, less for the tam projects and more to see the number of words bets can make out the letters "tam". LOL.

Suzann said...

Democrats will buy anything :-)

T said...

DH has been reading about Patty Hearst...I think "Tania" gave Tams a bad name long before Monica...and I was also reaching for a Friends episode with a bad tam.
(Closest I got was her hair on vacation, with the braids with the shell beads getting caught on the shower curtain hooks....)

smariek said...

I'm with Joan.... waiting to see what other tamologisms you'll come up with. lol.

SooZ said...

laughing at your cropped cardi comment. Frew wid dat, eh? I see you've done three already. But gosh, in vic secret eh? Me sez I'd NEVER wear it like dat! Im at work on my first (and maybe last ;) cardi.