Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Markets

I just finished reading Why We Buy and The Call of the Mall, by Paco Underhill. Very interesting, and they should be mandatory reading for all twenty year olds. The books confirm that husbands HATE shopping, because that's how they're wired. (It's a relief to know it's not just my DH.) Unless it's some techy wonder, they just aren't going to have any fun.

Underhill also pointed out that men like technology for its "gee whiz" effect; women like technology applications. (This goes a long way to explain why men buy all those damned kitchen gadgets, and I, for one, silently roll my eyes at more clutter on the counter.) I think it should be interesting to see how well companies develop websites for e-commerce. Men writing programs for women shoppers. (Not to say all techies are men, or all shoppers are women, but you know....)

I had a chance to test a shopping website last night. During a phone call with my dad, who no longer drives, he mentioned he hoped Georgie would offer to take him to the store. (Georgie got my pretty blue messed-up Swallowtail for Christmas.) Which really means the man has no damned food in the house. I thought about that a little. My brother got home from a ski trip the night before, and carted my dad (his petsitter) all the way across greater Phoenix in the middle of the night and didn't check to see if he needed any freakin' bread. What an ass.

I'd used Albertson's grocery website before, but they discontinued the service. Off to Safeway's website I went....after a short consult with Dad, I found he needed bread, six oranges, soup, milk, I ordered

1 Lucerne Supreme Fatfree Skim Milk - Half Gallon $1.69
2 Safeway Lucerne Light Mixed Berry Yogurt - 8 Oz $1.20
1 Tyson Beef Pot Roast - 17 Oz $6.99
1 Gortons Fish Portions Valu Pack - 24.5 Oz $3.99
2 Gortons Fillet Lemon Butter - 7.6 Oz $5.00
2 Miltons Healthy Whole Grain With Honey Bread - 24 Oz $5.00
1 Smucker Simply Fruit Strawberry Seedless - 10 Oz $2.50
1 Smuckers Simply Fruit Apricot - 10 Oz $2.50
1 Angel Soft White 2 Ply Bath Tissue - 4 Roll $1.49
4 Bananas - Bulk $1.00
1 California Clementine Prepacked - 5 Lb $3.99
2 Sweet Potatoes - Bulk $3.38
1 Fresh Express Spinach And Carrots Prepacked - 9 Oz $1.00
1 Nabisco Premium Multigrain Crackers - 16.5 Oz $2.00
4 Progresso Ready To Serve Split Pea Soup - 19 Oz $6.00
4 Progresso Reduced Sodium Garden Vegetable Soup - 18.5 Oz $6.00
4 Progresso Rich And Hearty Beef Pot Roast With Country Vegetables Soup - 18.5 Oz $6.00
2 General Mills Cheerios Cereal - 15 Oz $4.00
1 Kelloggs Eggo Blueberry Waffles - 12.3 Oz $2.00
1 Kelloggs Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles - 12.3 Oz $2.89

Notice the absence of junk-blueberry waffles and yogurt don't really count as junk food to me, but they serve as a treat for Dad, because he's diabetic. I added the sweet potatoes because they are good for any meal, and help satisfy a sweet tooth. The way I see it, it's about a week's worth of groceries for a senior, with leftovers. A little heavy on salt, a little low on fruits and veggies, but he really feels like shit when he doesn't eat regularly. And then he doesn't eat because he feels like shit. It's a scary spiral.

Dad also needed a prescription refilled. That was a bit of a pain in the ass-the site doesn't actually offer Rx delivery until after the order is finalized. Which sucks for first time users, but I have it down now. He'll get his order tomorrow evening, with his 'script. I don't actually LIKE grocery shopping on-line, but when faced with a choice of on-line groceries or a malnourished parent, I'll take the shopping.

I'm anxious to see how they'll improve this process.


smariek said...

You are such a good daughter! Can I adopt you when I'm too old to drive? :-) You probably already know that it is an Asian thing to take care of our elders. We do pretty well in our family but I have to say that it is my one of my aunts who takes better care of my grandmother (in Hong Kong), than any of my other uncles over there. I think women are generally better at doing this sort of thing.

What is in about men and lack of communication skills? Your dad could have mentioned to your bro that he needed stuff. My mom OTOH would definitely let me know if she needed something IF she remembers (sigh, memory goes with old age...) ... That book sounds like an interesting read. I've got to jot that down in my PDA now, otherwise I will forget.

About the circles... I hadn't thought of wagon wheel, but yes, they do look like that. lol. I found Wagon Wheel in the index of BW2, referring to p 380, the Eye-Spot Edging which looks totally different and not really like a wagon wheel IMO. My circle actually came from part of the Grand Gothic Border in BW3. I'm starting to dislike my wagon wheel, and thinking of trying some simpler YOs in a circular configuration instead. I just don't know what I wanna do...

Vamanta said...

I think grocery shopping online ROCKS! That is a perfect solution for you so make nice with it in your head. Think of the peace of mind it bought you. Priceless. Welcome to the Sibs-Are-Idiots Club. Wish I could substitite blueberry waffles and yogurt as MY junk food. (Stressed out after 6 hours in the ER with Jean today so it was pizza and rice crispy treats as my comforting junk food du jour.)

Those angel wings are waiting for you.

Marcia said...

Yum, I'm hungry.

I'm an intuitive grocery shopper, myself. I always have a list of the definite emergency items (toothpaste, maxis, wine, no scratch that, I definitely intuit the wine) and almost always leave the list in the car. Otherwise I shop by sight, then add on as necessary. My husband is a literal shopper. What you list is what you get.

Thanks for the link to The Smiths. Hilarious. Weird thing is that my mom's maiden name was Smith (well, not so weird, considering the odds) and nearly all her sibs play guitar or accordian. She grew up in a remote rural area of northern michigan.

I tried to comment here yesterday but it told me to fuck off.

Daryl said...

You are a good daughter. Sounds like grocery shopping on line is t he perfect solution. At least you don't have to worry about how you are parenting your dad and brother and enabling them to continue their communication failures. Better to just recognize that your dad will tell you, long distance that he has no food in the house and not your brother, who could haver thought about it and looked. Better to accept that this is the way they are and get on with life. I guess that is why people have two parents, and sibs should have each other.

Anonymous said...

I loathe shopping. I wish that service would have been available when my mom was alive. You are a good daughter! How can I join the Sibs Are Idiots Club? Count me in!