Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Global Cool-

I saw the promo for Global Cool. I gotta say, it's about time.

I grew up in the 1970s-and took a cross-country trip during the gas shortages. It was unsettling to be in the middle of Nebraska and watch the gas gauge slip below half a tank. You just didn't know what the supply situation would be. And that trip marked me forever.

It's funny to see the "Global Cool" ads...they are pushing the same inititatives our parents did. "Close the damned door, do you think I'm paying to heat the outdoors?" (I know I am not the only person who heard that.) My kids grew up with no comprehension of saving money by turning off the lights.

Get a few celebrities to tell them to reduce their carbon footprint? They're on it. (Course, putting on a sweater and socks makes a lot of sense if THEY pay the utility bill.)


CatBookMom said...

I still turn off lamps when I leave the room, and if I forget I feel a twinge of guilt.

Christmas is the worst! Every time I see a huge Christmas lighting display filling up someone's front yard, I want to march up to their door and ask them what they are thinking to waste so much electricity. There's no way DH and I could ever conserve enough, with our restrained few strings of outdoor lights, to balance even one day of those idiots' overusage. Grr. And I won't start on people driving Hummers and other monster SUVs.

Thanks for the link.

Suzann said...

LOL yes I remember the close door thing. But Navy pay teaches you to be economical or starve.
Grew up in the 70s you are sooooooo young :-)

Libby said...


I'm yelling at the dog to hurry up and go outside cuz I'm not heating the outdoors today! but then again I'm now paying for the gas/electric bill. LOL