Thursday, January 18, 2007

Demystifying, delurking, de-icing.

It's been a long week, and I can't believe it's only Thursday. Monday was a holiday for the rest of the country; I worked. Tuesday and Wednesday, we had sleet and ice. Schools closed, businesses shut down, "non-essential personnel" were sent home from the bases. The already substantial accident rate doubles when we get rain, forget ice and sleet. The cops said screw it, we're shutting down the roads.

You folks who live where there are REAL winters will laugh your heads off, because to you, it would be an blip on annoyance screen, but down here, the TV had up-to-the minute reports on "ARCTIC BLAST 07". We're screwed if we have another one next month, because the graphics guy will have to find another moniker. I slung a TON of coffee. Mark and I worked our butts off-all the houses in our neighborhood had no power for 6+ hours, and folks need their coffee.

It's International Delurking week. I found this out lurking on other people's blogs. Give me a holla, ok? ;-)

And damn this Fiery Bolero. Damn Damn Damn! I keep working, frogging, and slinging. I need to pick up the front facings for a THIRD time. On both my previous attempts, I managed to pick up about 160 stitches-I need 246. Holy crap. How am I gonna do that?


Cindy G said...

No laughing here. Even in this "real winter" part of the country, ice storms like that would be major. Good luck and hang in there.

Daryl said...

cool, I get to be the first, and I probably say hi more and lurk less here than my other haunts. I'm glad you are getting some winter, at least we all know that it will be gone quickly and two days of cold is certainly worth keeping a wool thing or two in the house. Enjoy.

Jill said...


Marcia said...

And do your weather peeps get all hyper and foamy at the mouth and show up en masse at the TV station at all hours of the day or night to converge and hyperventilate and dribble their mouth foaminess all over the paper spewing from the printers?

Makes me wanna move to a place where there is no weather.

Gosh, I hope that's not hell. If so, never mind.

Suzann said...

All the weatherman has to say here is Chance of Snow, and the panic sets in. People rush to the grocery stores and stock up like mad. It is worse then hurricane season :-) We have the collective memory of the blizzard of 1980, when we got 34 inches of snow. And there were only 4 snowploughs in the area.
People from New York and New Jersey, who move here laugh at our lack of snow driving skill. We laugh when they need to be towed home. We don't laugh in their faces of course, that would be rude HAHAHA
I hope you and Mark and nice and toasty

Jamie said...

Just dropping by and lurking--I do it often. Love your blog, princess. Ice storms are no fun; I'll take snow any day! Happy knitting!

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

I was wondering how bad the weather was near you! Another thing to think about, is WALKING on the ice. Careful!