Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gotta blame it on something...

Blame it on Hussein, yeah, yeah. I went looking for the lyrics of that song (a Milli Vanilli parody...oh, wait, Milli Vanilli WAS a parody), and found the only known airplay was in September of 1990, on the Doctor Demento show. But I know it was played more often than that, because I heard it on AFN Europe in 1990.

It took 15 years for us to find him and hand him over. We would have spared thousands if we found him in 1991; perhaps many would still be citizens, not victims. I am not at all sorry he's dead, not sorry his wicked sons are dead, and we need to keep an eye on the daughter. I think evil people should spare us all the trouble, and do themselves in, so we can skip the formalities and move on. That was one evil man.

And it bothers me that he's my father's age.

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Suzann said...

It would have been better if he had been turned over to the World Court. But then no one asked me. Of course if we had found him dead it wouldn't have been a great loss. He does seem to have shown a bit more class at the end then his executioners.
My feelings are that the world would be a lot safer if the someone added large doses of tranquilizers to the water supply in the mid east.
I lived through this crap before with Viet Nam. And I never thought I would see Americans go blindly off to war again. Does no one read history books.