Sunday, December 31, 2006

Diet Schmiet!

I was going to start this post by saying "Yarn Diet, my ass!" Then I remembered I wanted to work on the size of that a little this year too, so never mind....

But I don't NEED a yarn diet. I NEED to use some of the yarn I have, because I have a LOT of yarn. So I will knit from stash this year. A lot. I also have to stop smoking, so maybe I shouldn't worry so much about the size of my ass until I get the smoking thing under control. They are raising taxes a dollar a pack, to which I say "PTTTBT!"

To start my new year off right, I went stash diving this afternoon. I am making a top from a 1985 McCall's Knitting for DD, who needs instant wardrobe help. I am a little worried that I don't have enough yarn, but what the heck, I'll know tomorrow, won't I? It's Austermann Rubino that I bought in 2003. I like the yarn. And I really like Marcia's attitude of "Ball Busting". That sounds SOOOOO much better than yarn diet.

The first time I made this top, I STRUGGLED to understand the cable, couldn't, and ended up doing all 10" of cabling this top calls for with a cable needle, every four rows. It took forever. 22 years later, I get it, finally.

So Happy New Year to you all.


Suzann said...

Happy New Year to you too :-) If you lick the smoking thing let me know how.
I looked in the stash. I have Jo Sharpe whatever and the Jo Sharpe DK Tweed. Got when I first found Elann. I am not even sure there is enough to do anything with it. I think I have 19 balls of the Jo Sharpe Silkroad Aran. I think that was what it was called. I know, I will box it all up and send it to you :-) Then you can knit both our stashes.
not to mention enough sock your to equip a polar expedition

Anonymous said...

Love the look of that cable! I don't want a yarn diet, either, and I am not going to bother with resolutions. Good luck on the smoking thing, and have a Happy New Year!

Libby said...

A dollar a pack? Good lord! My monumentally sized ass needs help as well! LOL I'm working on it.


jayne said...

No diets of any kind here, but I do want to knit my unfinished projects, mostly cuz they're fun and I'm in the mood. I also want to knit more from stash cuz I have great stuff in there.

Good luck with your assorted goals, but be nice to yourself with those. You've picked some tough ones.

ScullyKnits said...

Hats off to no-more-smoking. The hardest addiction ever to break! You stop and I'll lose my ass and we'll both be better off.
I'm knitting the stash this year. Had to move the office and couldn't believe the boxes under the desk.