Thursday, December 28, 2006

We decked the halls all right....

Whew, Christmas is over. Friday, my best brother came to town for 24 hours. We drove all day Sunday in the pouring rain to my BIL's. The house was PACKED-the overnighters included DH and I, MIL, and an uncle and aunt. By the next day, add two nieces, one spouse, one grandkid, SIL's parents, grandma, two brothers, a spouse and two kids. Nothing broke, no one cried, and no one got likkered up and insulted anyone. And Dallas lost. All Christmas prayers were answered.

My SIL is a Christmas GODDESS. Really. The house looked like a department store. The food was good. And for the first time in 12 years, I got her the right present. I told her that if I didn't get it right this year, I was going straight to SIL hell forever. You should have seen her smile. I know she loved it. It was worth dragging thru the outlet mall and wasting hours stuck in traffic...well, almost worth going 20 mph on the interstate. You know what I mean.

DH did very well this year. Not only did he brag on my felted roast your damned feet off socks to his poor shivering uncle, he bought me materials. He called up Lorill at Elann, who took a wild guess and came up with sweater quantities of all this yarny goodness.

One thing in the box will have to go back. Fifteen balls of cream colored Pamir will crawl into a box this weekend, and wing its way back. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful yarn, but a) it was 70 damned degrees an hour ago, and b) it's cream. There are still colors of Sonata Print that I didn't buy (how is THAT possible?) . I made DD Knitty's Soleil in Lilac Sachet, and she LOVED it, but the top was short on me, and is apparently even shorter on her. I'd like to do one in Sea Shell.

I think it's hysterical that Lorill sent me Benne colors. I buy a lot of green yarn, and none of it is for me!!! (too many years in the military!!!)

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smariek said...

Wow, what a full house! Your DH did great. Very resourceful... now you just need to get him some color training... :-)