Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And now, for yor knitting pleasure, a little Christmas music....

Getting into the Christmas spirit? I LOVE this carol!

It makes me laugh EVERY time.

I've been thinking about Christmas carols; I can't help it, that's all that's on the radio. Mind you, I said CHRISTMAS carols, because that's what they are, not holiday songs....blech!!! It struck me that, because of my lousy, unpolitically correct 1960s public school education, there are songs I do not know in English. I can sing "Bring the Torch" in mangled grade school French (as well as Silent Night) but I have no idea what happens to Jeanette Isabella in English. At all.

I personally believe that "I'll be Home for Christmas" should NEVER be played in a public place. EVER. EVER. I remember standing in the Limited in 1980, listening to the chorus, and bursting into tears. It was the first time I was away from home. And playing it on a military base overseas? Bitch slap someone for picking THAT.

There are a lot of holiday messages from overseas service personnel on the TV this time of year. Every so often, I catch one that strikes me. It's usually a woman, and you can hear that little hitch in her voice, that slight warble. She's not going to be home for Christmas. Dammit, don't remind her! Go sing something cheerful.

Like Jewel's Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. THAT'S a good Christmas song!

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Anonymous said...

teehee...i love that one too. my officemate has been in the christmas spirit for weeks, so it has been non-stop christmas music in our office...too bad it all isn't as entertaining as this :)