Friday, December 15, 2006

Cousin wrecks Christmas!

Mark mentioned that he'd like a Maltese Cross pinkie ring for Christmas. Crap. Gold is at an all time high, exchange rates are at an all time low. This is not a good year for me to add to the Mr. T starter kit that all Mediterranean men like.

I got really excited when I found these. I told Mark I found something I thought he'd like for Christmas, and it's from Malta. I thought that even in my poverty stricken, poor American cousin mode, I might be able to buy at least a gemstone, and THAT would do. I told Mark that I was waiting for one of his cousins to get back to me. He couldn't stand the suspense, and asked me what I was looking at. He heartily approved. And he told me that in all likelihood, the guy really was his cousin. I thought to myself "Yes dear, I can read." The surname was familiar to me already, and I knew it was on the family tree.

Well, it's time to start villifying Cousin Ivan. I emailed last week on Friday, which was the feast of the Immaculate Conception...a national holiday. Twice this week. Finally, I called the shop number, and he was at a different number. I got an alternate email address. And I am waiting for dear Cousin Ivan to step up and tell me he can or cannot ship to the states, that he will or won't accept M/C, Visa, a cheque for British pounds sterling, yen, euros or hog futures. Or if I can even afford it.



Marcia said...

Is it a bad thing that I thought the gems at the site were elements of a game and I about wore my clickin' finger to the nubs in multiple attempts to play?

Damn that Bubble Shooter game.

And damn cousin Ivan, of course, if the gems don't pan out.

jayne said...

The Mr T Starter Kit -- ROFL!!

I also appreciated the Cartman reminder. I've seen that one. DH and I love SouthPark.

Doesn't "The Cartman Reminder" sound like a bad Robert Ludlum novel??

junior_goddess said...

ROFL-bubble shooter.

Ivan surfaced. He was abroad for 10 days. Wheww!