Monday, August 27, 2007

What's that?

There, that oughta help. I am working on the same garment I made in 1986. I was so proud of myself when I finished, even tho I couldn't figure the pattern out very well.

It started with a K3P2 rib. On the 4th row, you are supposed to knit into the third stitch from the needle, then knit stitches one and two. That whipped my butt, so I just cabled every one of those stitches for four solid inches. Dang that was a lot of work. Dang, I still have that top, even tho it fits me like sausage casing these days. I was so incredibly proud of it, I thought I'd make it again.

Last time, I made it in red Femia (Schachenmayr) and this time I am working in Elann's black DenMknit (I figured out that cable, finally). My hands are a little sore from cabling all that cotton, but I haven't noticed a significant amount of color transfer. Aside from the obvious size differences, I have to make this longer, because of the denimy shrink tendencies of this yarn....I've read it shrinks up to 20%. So I made the stinking cables a little deeper (not much, because now, as 21 years ago, there is only so much cabling a person wants to do.) Me and my Addi lace needles are attacking the body now.

I will post a photo of both tops when I finish!


Joan said...

No skirt?! Thought that would be your DenMknit project.

Minnie~Knits said...

It took me forever to realize you are NOT knitting a black AND a white version. I could never cable that much and I totally admire anyone who can!!!

junior_goddess said...

Um, not yet on the skirt. I read how well the yarn was suited to cables, and I wanted to see for myself. (And it's mostly a no-brainer, which I could use.)


Marcia said...

I hear that sausage casing is the new black.

SooZ said...

Man you can really whip butt at cables! I'm impressed!