Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bow wackiness

Oh, let's hear it for Boy George-totally whacked, but what a voice!

Speaking of totally whacked, if sewing is the new knitting, why can't I find crap? I've heard Wallyworld is getting rid of their fabric department-ours is as sparse as usual.

Last week on my foray to Hobby Lobby, I tried to get ribbons and lace for a project. What an ordeal. That lady at the cutting table must have taken that 'Customer Service Handbook' with her name on it and memorized it. Especially the part with her name on it, because she sure wasn't sharing any customer service with me. I finally wrangled a yard of lace and three yards of ribbon out of her, and made it out the door. Unfortunately, I didn't like it with my project.

I had extra incentive going thru the floods the other day-I knew I'd pass by a Hancock Fabrics. Their lace and trim department was a mess. My pattern called for 1 3/8" lace. It all looked like they recycled it off underpants. Not what I had in mind. I finally found some I liked (wrong size, but right look). Oh, hell, I'll make it work. And some ribbon for bows. NOT what the pattern called for, but heck, I don't have access to the whole garment district.


Joan said...

bets, the most beautiful ribbons are on ebay. (ask me how
I know)

Lisa W. said...

yay for boy george...a total blast from my Active Duty AF past...i think i played one of his tapes until it wore out...seriously...i always associate Boy George with Sheppard Air Force Base.....and some crazy long road trips with buds from that time...thanks for the memory :) (and i can't remember the name of the large black woman that sang back up for him but man could she ever wail!