Friday, August 17, 2007

Scenic stuff-round two-

The scenery is spectacular. Our scenery looked like this yesterday-

I watched the Weather Channel last night and saw storm clips-I knew EXACTLY where they were filming. They were snickering about stupid people who drive thru standing water. Bastards.

I've been waiting for an ENT appointment at the VA since MAY. It was a tough choice-do I go, or wait eons for another appointment? Figures, doesn't it? I have to go back again in 8 weeks. Hope this isn't anything serious. I already HAVE brain damage. ;-) Don't need more!

On the way in, (60 miles) I took the back streets that I didn't think would flood, because the loop is under construction. There were low spots filled with water. Of course, I drove behind a big pickup truck going 10, and he'd eaaaasssse down to 6 mph when he came upon high water. (Everyone knows your car stays drier if you ease it into big puddles in the pouring rain, right?) I slowed my little sedan down to 5 mph, and prayed I wouldn't stall. Honestly, I've been a 'grandma driver' since I was 17. If I say you are going too slow, buddy, you ARE.

I saw the most fucked up thing at my appointment. The ENT clinic shares its lobby with speech pathology and audiology. A tech popped his head in the door. "Mr. Gomez? Mr. Gomez?" He repeated himself a few times. Finally, someone caught an old fella's attention and pointed to the door. Mr. G swiveled around to see, then got up and toddled off to his appointment. I guess all the OTHER deaf patients in the clinic can hear the tech.

On the way home, I took the loop slowly. I passed a red Corvette like it was standing still....well, ok it was. Stalled in the right lane of a 70 zone, I snuck around him on the shoulder. A mile later, water from a neighboring field was POURING onto the roadway. Concrete construction barriers interupted its passage across the highway, creating a dam. A foot of water swirled in the highway's left hand lane.

Places that never flood flooded yesterday.


Anonymous said...

What a day to have a doctor's appt. I know all about the driving in high water and the dumb-dumbs here sometimes stop driving in a lane and get out into knee deep FL muck. Dumb. Bri

Libby said...

I know that you had a terrible day but I just couldn't help but laugh at Mr. G. The way you stated it was just too funny.

K and I have been loving the video clips. Our favorite one is "Sit Down". She knows the red chair and the arrow and the swing and we both say "Sit Down" together now!!! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours...Oh, Bets, hope it does not last too long!