Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Interweave Knits had their hurt book sale last month. I picked up a few books. Knitting books are really limited at my library. There's one 'learn to knit' compendium, 'A Knitter's Stash', and a cable book by Alice mumble-more that I could probably 'lose', pay 25.00 for, and sell on ebay for a lot of yarn money. Except that I've looked at it, and just don't lust after it. Usually, I have to order knitting books on inter-library loan, wait two weeks, and keep it for three. And it's a buck a day if it's late.

So I shopped the books at IWK with that in mind. In my first shipment, I got a copy of "Men in Knits: Sweaters He Will Wear." Ehhh. So I donated it to my local library.

Sometimes my library sells old treasures and donations for 1.00 if it's a duplicate, out of date, or whatever, so I was a little worried that this new book would end up in the for sale bin. Which would suck, because I paid more than that to ship it.

Another shipment of books came in. "Hip to Knit" or some such came as part of a set. That's a good beginner book. I won't use it. I took it over to the library, ready to donate it. But first, I cruised the needlework section. "Men in Knits" was neatly labeled and perched on a shelf. I beamed.

My library used to have three knitting books. Now they have FIVE! I feel very civic-minded today.

I also finished and sent off an unending project today. I am taking the 600 yards mileage credit, photos will show up later.

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Joan said...

Good job, bets! I love when I cart books down to my library and eyes light up across the counter because the books are good enough to circulate. ;-}