Saturday, August 11, 2007

Waking up excited----

Status update-50 some-odd rows of torture left. At least I like the stitch pattern.

I woke up excited because I had Vanilla Creme Frosted Mini Wheats in the house.

I got to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday. God Bless 'em, but that Closed on Sunday thing means I never get to go. I LOVE Hobby Lobby-they have more specialty stuff. Michaels is too prissy. While I was there I found a Horocrux stamp on sale. Ok, and I have to quit on the rubber stamp thing for my HUGe project, because I spent a ridiculous amount on stamps. Yarn amounts of money.

The new VK was out. Liked it alot, but I am still taken with the men's sweater from the latest IWK. The Cobblestone pull is very simple, but (and don't say this tooo loudly) the man put dressmaker details in it. The shoulders are emphasized, there are slimming panels on the sides, and he short-rowed the back neck. This is a thoughtful pattern. Way to go Jared. I'll bet a lot of boyfriends get it for Christmas!

I also got to the mall and those assorted side shops that I never get to go to anymore. I stood in Marshall's for a long time with a marked down Kate Spade bag in my hand, wavering. Fifty bucks for DD? Then I remember that I just gave her a good bag, and spent the same money getting 1 pair of slacks, 2 blouses and a T for her. I am pretty sure she needs them more. I got to go to Christopher and Banks and buy myself clothes that are scaled to fit me correctly! Yay!

I entered thru Dillards, and saw Dooney Zebra bags there. They are ridiculously cute. I waivered. The new Giraffe pattern is out, that means the Zebra is going. On my way out, the sales girl showed me a bag. I examined it carefully ... fortunately for me, one side was black and white, the other was ivory and black. Looks like UV color changing, if you ask me. That made it easier to walk away.

It's a funny thing about the mall-the face of that mall is changing these days. I think a sure indicator of a mall's downhill slide is the Hallmark store, and stores such as that. When those stores close, and the replacements are things like the .50 cellphone kiosk, and others of that nature, pay attention. The mall is morphing.

Lastly, Elann has DenMknit coming back on Monday. Yippeee. I have come to the realization that I REALLY have too much yarn, so this is probably my last purchase FOR THE YEAR (and that won't even make a dent in stuff). Let's see, black for DH, Dark Indigo for me, light blue for Kristina, mmmmm-that's enough, isn't it?


Enid said...

You are one serious shopper miss lady. :D

I'm glad you got to spread your wings a bit doesn't it feel.

Enid said...

ooops forgot to finish my sentence DH walked in a distracted me by they time I realized it I had just in the publish button.

doesn't it feel good. :D

Libby said...

Whats this? No Zara? C'mon, you KNOW you need the Zara!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your shopping for bags tales. I'm going to need you when my nieces get older and request bags...bri

smariek said...

Oooh, rubber stamping can get expensive. Last week I found 2 boxes full of rubber stamps from back when I was actively doing RS art. Lots of colored pens, ink pads, papers, and embossing powders. I even have some beautifully stamped/decorated envelopes other people sent me, I'll have to take pics of them. Now I just need to find the BARS (Bay Area Rubber Stampers) pin we made aeons ago...

Joan said...

Wow, shopping. In real stores. Whose names don't end with "mart".