Friday, August 31, 2007


I was inside, just doin' my job. I'da been in trouble if the car had hopped the curb and come crashing thru my storefront, huh? Absolutely specfuckular.


Enid said...


I'm so glad you weren't outside having a smoke.

what the heck happened? did they confuse brake for gas? Looks like they were going pretty damn fast.

I mean you car went over the THINGY!!!

junior_goddess said...

She got cut off in Poteet, ran into a stop sign, and came in the parking lot to calm down and call her husband. I think it was a mechanical failure.

Sigh. I was gonna go to the outlet this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bets, what a bummer! As you said, good it didn't reach the front of the store. Next week has to be better!


Joan said...

is that your car? Bummer, if so!!

kellygirl said...

Ouch. That stinks. Car woes are the pits. Glad no one was hurt.

benne said...

Of all the parking spaces in all the world, she had to drive into one your car was parked in! Yikes! Very close call, so glad no one was walking through the parking lot or in your car.

Anonymous said...

Nasty messy business! Glad no one was hurt but your car sure is!
Not a good way to start a holiday weekend!

Gryffinitter said...

Poteet - of course! Nothing good comes out of Poteet!

Tell them I am renewing my boycott.