Saturday, May 19, 2007

You have to see this magazine!

After reading about it on Enid's blog, I checked out a copy of Craft: transforming traditional crafts at my local Borders. Hey, it is worth a look! I find it so impressive, I think it's subscription material for teens and 20 somethings and definitely on the Christmas buy list. It's cool, kind of like Mother Earth News for Generation ..... what generation are they now? Who knows? The newstand price is spendy (15.00) but the subscription is more reasonable (34.00 for 4 issues). This issue covered homemade play dough, bath scrubs and lip balms, knitting, sewing machines, a silver clay project, macrame, origami...hey, I dug it! It is a perfect gift...I have been totally disgusted by what passes for crafts for the 10-20 year olds, and this bridges the gap from Crayolas to Grumachers nicely. Look for it at your local bookstore, and see if it's appropriate for the girls and young women in your world.


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benne said...

I wish this had been around when the girls were younger. Good stuff.