Saturday, May 19, 2007

Harajuku, I love you!

  • I was smitten today by the Harajuku shirt article in Craft. REALLY smitten. I owe a young lady a custom t-shirt, but I had no inspiration. The article sparked my imagination, so I finally got busy.
The Harajuku style refers to street fashion at a particular subway stop in Tokyo. Gwen Stefani capitalized on it by creating Harajuku-lovers. I went to see her site after I created and applied my iron on and stenciled lettering, and was gratified to see that despite my advanced age, Gwen and I are on the same page!

H has had a rough go of it lately. When she was a kid, she showed livestock in many local shows, and earned a lot of money for college. Her mother recently packed a suitcase and emptied out the kid's college fund, then moved to greener pastures. Her dad's remarried, and her step mother is a little on the strict side. Monica and I sat with H the other day and worked on her scholarship applications. So far, she's moved really far up in the competion, so it might work out ok.

My kids always liked 'ransom note' collages made with torn up magazine quotes, so I went in that direction, rather than the anime shown in the article. All my craft findings came from my local Wallyworld, and I used Avery transfer paper for dark shirts. Thank God for scanners, because I was able to throw M&Ms and a silk daisy into the mix for a really fun look. I stenciled with gold glitter paint (c'mon, we live in Texas), and need to do a little embroidery tomorrow, then I will post a photo of the whole shirt. I gotta do that embroidery, because I think it might be too big!


benne said...

Bets, that is so cool! I really like your choices for the design. Poor kiddo, I'm glad you're there for her. One person like you in her life can give her the little extra care she needs to keep going after a bunch of crappy things happening in her life.

Can't wait to see the finished project, you smart cookie, you.

Joan said...

I need to see the finished project to visualize it, being of even more advanced age than you. LOL on the gold glitter. Your support must mean the world to her!

Anonymous said...

Craft is like witchcraft. Your shirt is going to be awesome. Bri